Solidsteel sponsor of Kabala concerts

From January to April 2024, Pescara hosted the remarkable Kabala concerts, a vibrant array of musical events that captivated audiences and showcased great bands and musicians. We at Solidsteel, were proud to sponsor this prestigious series, underscoring our profound connection to music and musicians as a natural extension of our commitment to delivering great audio experiences.

The Kabala concerts highlighted Pescara’s cultural landscape with its eclectic mix of local and international artists: Alan Clark from Dire Straits,  Marc Copland, Thick (of) Things, Tia Fuller, Il Quintorigo, Mr. EB and the All Star Funk, Rolli & Di Benedetto, Mark Sherman.

Stay tuned for more from Solidsteel as we continue to celebrate and support the universal language of music.

Following some shots from the events:

Alan Clark (Dire Straits)

Thick (of) Things


Mr.EB and the All Star Funk


Marc Copland


Il Quintorigo


Mark Sherman


Rolli & Di Benedetto


Tia Fuller