Solidsteel @ The Munich High End 2024


The recently concluded Munich High End was a major success for Solidsteel.

The booth showcased the company’s most acclaimed product lines, from the S Series racks to the Hyperspike series, including the renowned speaker stands from the SS and NS series. The audience response was significant, receiving consistently positive feedback that reaffirms the 30 years of dedication, establishing the Solidsteel brand as synonymous with quality and reliability in the industry.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience firsthand the quality of our Hi-Fi furniture that has characterized the company for over three decades, appreciating the craftsmanship, extensive catalog selection, and essential technical features inherent in every Solidsteel product: vibration damping, support and stability, alongside the Made in Italy design and quality that have always been hallmarks of the company’s products.

Solidsteel partnered with numerous prestigious industry brands’ listening rooms: Arcam, Ortofon, Yamaha, Vivid Audio, Morel, Mytek, Way Cables, PreAudio, Flow by Allegro, Joseph Audio, Fyne Audio, Djabe, demonstrating the ongoing collaboration with major manufacturers.

During the show, the prestigious German industry magazine Fidelity Magazin awarded the 2024 Best Design Prize to the iconic SS Series speaker stands, which for thirty years have maintained the same design and features, now ingrained in the collective consciousness as the world’s number one “speaker stands.” Another accolade that continues to make the company proud of its work and historical legacy.

Additionally, the Company received great appreciation from the press, partners, and private clients for its latest technological introduction: the entire catalog rendered in Augmented Reality, allowing everyone to visualize their chosen rack/stand directly in their home environments with real-life dimensions and impressive detail quality.

In conclusion, the Munich High End 2024 fair was a success for Solidsteel, and we look forward to welcoming partners and visitors again next year.

Following some pictures from the event: