New Augmented Reality Tool

At Solidsteel, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: an augmented reality (AR) tool set to improve the purchase experience of our hi-fi furniture.  Constantly seeking ways to enhance the journey for our customers, through seamless integration of technology, our AR tool provides a platform for customers to explore our racks and speaker stands with unprecedented realism.

Our AR tool is a game-changer for how customers engage with our products, previewing them in their own living spaces. This immersive experience allows customers to assess product compatibility and spatial dynamics, ensuring that their audio setups align seamlessly with their preferences and space constraints.

By providing a virtual preview of our products in real-life settings, no longer are reliant solely on product images, videos or descriptions; instead, customers can now interact with our products in their own environments, gaining a deeper understanding of how they will fit into their homes. After a year of work in elaborating the final AR experience for Solidsteel, we can show models with high quality texture and real dimensions.

Furthermore, our AR tool enhances the overall purchasing experience by fostering a stronger connection between customers and our brand. Also with the AR tool we give the possibility of thinking new ideas in terms of interior design and decor for personal spaces.


Here you can find the Hyperspike Series racks, the speaker stands series and the VL series available now. The entire S Series range will be released soon.

Solidsteel’s augmented reality tool represents our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By offering a more immersive and informative purchasing, we’re proud to continue improving our customer experience with Solidsteel, along with our configurator and worldwide free consultancy service.