HP Series

Luxury Audio Racks & Amp Stands
  • Luxury Racks for prestigious Audio Systems
  • Outstanding Ceramic shelves with supreme elegant textures in Atlantic Black and Calacatta Gold White marble
  • High-Quality resin along the edges and polyurethane foam (mid-high density) inside every shelf
  • Exclusive hand-sewn pillowcases per each shelf made by GentileCatone (Luxury Ethical Brand Made In Italy)
  • 90 kg (198 lb) of maximum load per each shelf
  • Modular frame in full stainless steel INOX, liquid painted in Brass or Copper finish

The HP Series is our Luxury range designed for superb audio equipment.

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Product Information

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Searching for the best possible product, the HP Series contains the maximum level of Solidsteel Research in terms of materials and technology of the Hyperspike range. The new HP Series substitutes the highly appreciated past series with an upgrade in terms of materials and technical aspects, following its traditional 100% Made in Italy manufacturing process. The new HP Series is capable of accommodating the widest and heaviest audio components, giving a no-compromises sound quality and stability.

The shelves – available in Calacatta White or Atlantic Black – are made by ceramic slabs installed on a resin layer filled with polyurethane foam (medium/high density). Each shelf is capable of sustaining 120 kg (tested). The Hyperspike hardware parts are Made in Inox (stainless steel) liquid painted in two different exclusive colors: copper and brass. Little rubber discs – made by 3D printing and 100% recyclable – are separating each spike on every level for the best dampening of vibrations. The new HP Series is completely modular as the other Solidsteel lines of racks.

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Additional information

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Stainless steel INOX:
[Main Frame, 39mm diameter], [Upper terminations], [Bottom terminations], [Adjustable spikes], [Protective floor discs (Pads)], [Screws].
[5mm layer per each shelf]
Polyurethane Foam & Wood fibers:
[A technical mixture of 25mm inside each shelf]
[25mm on the edges of each shelf, for the best weight retention]

Clearances between Shelves [mm]

HP-A: [135] from the floor
HP-2: [315]
HP-3: [315/215]
HP-4: [315/215/215]

Clearances between Shelves [inch]

HP-A: [5,3] from the floor
HP-2: [12,4]
HP-3: [12,4/ 8,46]
HP-4: [12,4/ 8,46/ 8,46]


Luxury Power-Amp Stand, Luxury Audio Rack


2 Shelves, 3 Shelves, 4 Shelves, A – Regular Amp Stand, Custom Kits


Atlantic Black, Calacatta White