Professional Guitar & Bass Amp Stands
  • Designed for Home Studios & Professional use
  • Ennobled MDF wood with Polymer Laminate Finish
  • 90 kg (198 lbs) of maximum load
  • Dampening of vibrations
  • Protective floor discs included
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Product Information

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Specifically designed for valorizing every musician’s experience.
Driven by the desire of sharing Solidsteel’s over 30-year knowledge in the High-End AV industry to the world of Guitar and Bass amplification, having for decades created solutions dedicated to audiophile world since the Company was founded, Solidsteel entered in the MI world with its first Professional Amp Stand.
The mission is always the same: to improve the pleasure of music’s experience, as a listener or a player.

The Vibestand® is available in different sizes, each dedicated to all typologies of amplifiers, from the smallest 1×12 combos to the hugest 4×12 Cabinets.
The range consists of three models: S and L (available for both guitar and bass in different sizes) and an XL, for a total of 5 stands. The choice was made to cover the majority of most common dimensions of all amps and speakers available on market. We recommend to carefully check your components dimensions before of choosing your Vibestand®.

The first assumption is that the stand has to damp the amount of vibrations generated by guitar and bass amplifiers. For doing it, during product installation, spikes need to be well regulated on the “S Series Pads” (protective floor discs, always included).
Placing an amplifier on the Vibestand®, thanks to its proven structure, all the vibrations and resonances that are usually discharged to the ground by the amplifier, significantly influencing the final sound result, are firstly transmitted to the stand structure and only in a second moment discharged to its spikes, literally decoupling the amplifier from the floor avoiding as well bad frequencies reflections from the ground (or from a stage!).
This feature, in addition to improve the sound performance, tends to safeguard the electronic structure of the amplifier itself. It often happens indeed that excessive vibrations, especially at high volume on old or vintage amps, can cause some unwanted tube’s resonances, able with usage to become microphonics with lose of reliability.
The unit does not color and does not influence the sound in any way. It makes audio frequencies spreading pure and not conditioned by external factors.
A real Tone Saver that gives back a much more musical feeling to the musician who will be able to discover completely new nuances and be surprised again even after years of using the same Amp. Many players have been penalized several times by unsuitable acoustic conditions during performances. With the Vibestand® it doesn’t matter whether you are in the recording studio, at home, in a huge outdoor stage or in a live club: your amp will sound like never before, free to express itself as it was projected.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Stainless steel:
[Upper terminations], [Bottom terminations], [Regulable spikes], [Protective floor discs (Pads)].
MDF Ennobled wood:
[Main shelf]

Shelves Dimensions [mm]

BS-S: 500 x 480
BS-L: 660 x 480
GS-S: 510 x 360
GS-L: 700 x 400
BGS-XL: 780 x 580

Shelves Dimensions [inch]

BS-S: 19,68 x 18,9
BS-L: 26 x 18,9
GS-S: 20 x 14,2
GS-L: 27,5 x 15,7
BGS-XL: 30,7 x 22,8


Guitar Amp Stand, Bass Amp Stand




Bass | BS-L [Large], Bass | BS-S [Small], Guitar & Bass | BGS-XL [Extra Large], Guitar | GS-L [Large], Guitar | GS-S [Small]